Rapid Response Rescue and Relief Squadron

With the dawn of peace in year 2009, RABS was ease-up with their daunting primary role out at sea and the need for a specialized rescue squadron was felt following the devastating floods during recent past as existing system of flood relief response was found to be seemingly inadequate and inefficient in a wide spread disaster at the time of introduction of specialized rescue squadron in year 2011.

Hence the Rapid Response Rescue and Relief Squadron (Identified as 4RS in short form) is established specially to respond swiftly in to flood relief assistance and rescue flood victims even in difficult and swift waters despite the time of the day. The squadron will also be deployed for rescue and relief duties during other disasters caused by Tsunami, Cyclones etc.

The core strength at the inception of the squadron will be rescue and relief work equipped with a multitude of craft with different applications that could be deployed under varying and extreme conditions caused by floods. Currently, skills of Officers & sailors of 4RS have been developed accordingly, thus that they could be deployed effectively in rescue and relief work during many types of disasters too. The squadron will also undertake training of sister service personnel and civil personnel who engage in disaster relief operations in liaison with Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Disaster Management.