Executive Branch

The path to command is through the Executive Branch. Only sea-going officers of the Executive Branch can exercise command of ships. Executive officers can specialize in any of the following.


Navigation and Direction








Anti - Submarine Warfare



Engineering Branch

SLN has a team of Mechanical / Marine Engineers whose primary role is maintenance and upkeep of varied and increasing fleet of modern ships and craft. Opportunities exist for them to serve in a challenging environment of onboard ship / craft and at Naval Dockyard and repair facilities based around the country. In addition, Civil Engineers also play a vital role in the sphere of designing, building and maintaining of infrastructure.

These engineers are provided with a wide spectrum of opportunities for continuing career and professional development through local and foreign exposure, in addition to furthering fundamental knowledge spanning to Post-Graduate Masters Level, to keep abreast with modern technical advances.

Medical Branch

Physical and mental health of Naval personnel is imperative for an efficient Navy. With modern facilities available and professional staff, majority of Naval patients are being managed in the Navy Hospitals and Sick Quarters. Opportunities are available for Medical staff members to specialize in their profession and as a result some doctors in the Navy have become consultants. Majority of Medical branch sailors have gained specialized paramedical training in many disciplines both in Sri Lanka and abroad.

Logistics Branch

Without good logistic support no war can be fought effectively, as in time of war, it is the logistic branch that provides a silent service to execute battle design, effectively by mustering all available resources. The experience on this field provides opportunity to be a good administrator. Officers of logistic branch after graduating locally have enough and more exposures locally and aboard for the enhancements of professional knowledge as well as exposure to new systems and concepts.

Electrical Branch

A warship is a mini-floating city with an integral power generation and distribution system. In addition, complex communication equipment from a major part of a warship's equipment. A majority of these are either computer-based or computer-aided and incorporate the latest trends in electronic engineering. Various navigation equipment and fighting equipment are incorporated with latest state of the art designs and control systems. For a ship to be able to fight effectively, all these equipment must be kept working at peak of efficiency. Electrical officers bear this responsibility and other challenging tasks. The Navy also offers excellent opportunities for post-graduate courses overseas for electrical officers.

Band Branch

The Sri Lanka Navy Band caters to the musical requirement of the service as well as the public sector. It has a wide scope of career opportunities for people with aesthetic flair. It is the only place where one can be qualified in western music, oriental music and cultural activities as a career.

Shipwright Branch

The victory during a battle at sea is basically depended upon the operational capability of War Ships. The shipwright branch contributes to keep the vessel afloat in upright condition at all times, attending periodical maintenance of ship’s hull and structure by Docking/Slipping/Hoisting vessels. In order to fulfill the above requirement the branch consists of well experienced and skilled team trained in local and overseas in the field of repair and maintains of ship’s Hull/Structure.

Naval Patrolman Branch

A branch formed recently to augment the land operations capabilities of the SLN. Officers and sailors of this branch mainly perform duties on land combat operations and numerous appointments under various commands in the Navy.

Information Technology Branch

The Information Technology Branch endeavors to support the Naval administrative functions to be carried out efficiently during operations and helps decision-making by providing speedy access to required information and maintaining a high level of effective technical support while enhancing productivity promoting IT education and enhancing user satisfaction.

Provost Branch

The Naval Provost branch of the Sri Lanka Navy is entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining discipline and enforcement of law and order among the Naval personnel by way of prevention of crimes, detection of crimes, apprehension of offenders, conducting preliminary investigations for necessary disciplinary action and providing assistance to all Naval authorities on all disciplinary and other connected matters.

Legal Branch

The Legal Branch of the Sri Lanka Navy is charged with the task of advising the command on legal issues and procedure, involved in effective enforcement of discipline and other matters relevant to the service. Officers of the legal branch are Attorneys-at -Law who represent the Sri Lanka Navy in courts where it's interest is involved. They also contribute immensely towards educating officers and men on the laws pertaining to the service.

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