"The love of family and the admiration of friends are much more important than wealth and privilege."
-Charles Kuralt-

I feel indeed proud, privileged and happy to take over duties as the 12th President of the Sri Lanka Navy Seva Vanitha Unit. The Seva Vanitha Unit has been a leading organization which has contributed immensely to the betterment and welfare of the naval families for a considerable period of time. All the work that has been done by the former Presidents of the Seva Vanitha Unit is mentioned with gratitude and appreciation. If not for their dedication, commitment and the unconditional support of all the members, we would have never achieved all the success in the previous years. So, let me once again thank all those who took the time and pains in bringing this unit to the present level.

In 1989 when I was invited to this esteemed organization by the then President Mrs. Chitra Silva (wife of late Admiral Ananda Silva) as a young wife of then Lieutenant Ravindra C. Wijgunaratne living in naval married quarters-Trincomalee, I have seen the enormous tasks and various programmes undertaken by the members in making the lives of all naval families comfortable through a number of welfare measures. Obviously we are part of a great big family, the Navy. As members of this unique entity, we all have a distinct recognition, reputation and an inimitable pride. This very uniqueness is the key fact that keeps us together in our ups and downs. The strength and courage that we provide to our spouses is the key to their success and in turn, contributes to the betterment of the entire Navy.

As I have stated, the work done by the Seva Vanitha Unit has been remarkable to uplift the welfare of all the naval personnel. I could state with firm conviction that all these projects will be continued in the future too. My priority will be the welfare of KIA and WIA families. I am sure you all will understand that they are the most affected among the rest of us. It’s true that we can never replace a loved one, but the supreme sacrifices made by all those who are no more with us and those who are disabled need our attention and assistance over the others. Welfare of our children is very important as they are the future of this country as well as our hope. In addition to many other welfare projects that have been planned for the future, the Seva Vanitha Unit will contribute to the betterment of the education of children through various programmes.

For obvious reasons, welfare covers a broader spectrum of areas and I am indeed confident that I could give the much wanted leadership and guidance to all the expected future projects as well as to continue the past welfare initiatives with success. As indicated in the saying quoted above; the naval family needs each other’s love and admiration in order to keep all the members in the Navy happy and it’s much more important than wealth and privilege. I am sure when all of us are knitted as a unique team; we could easily overcome the challenges and the obstacles that lie ahead of us.

Let’s join hands in making the future work of the Seva Vanitha Unit successful !

Mrs. Yamuna Wijegunaratne
President, Sri Lanka Navy Seva Vanitha Unit