Fallen Comrades - 1991 to 1995

Name Off No. Rank/Rate Date Of KIA Place Photo
V ThiruwaimolliXS5447Leading Rate1991-01-11Kareinagar
TN MendisVA1866Able Rate1991-02-06Kuchchiweli
TWSS PereraXS8000Leading Rate1991-02-15Trincomalee
SMK SwarnasiriXS9067Able Rate1991-03-21SLNS Jayasagara at Silawathurai
GLT DabareET9337Leading Rate1991-04-02Kareinagar
PMM De SilvaXP6760Leading Rate1991-04-03Kareinagar
PMAP PrasadXP8348Leading Rate1991-04-03Karainagar
EMP PereraNRP0539Lieutenant1991-04-07Karainagar
PPGPK PereraXP9316Leading Rate1991-04-09Karainagar
EM SudeshEE9959Leading Rate1991-05-04SLNS 'Abeetha' at PPD
PSD PathiranaLL9355Leading Rate1991-05-04SLNS 'Abeetha' at PPD
KKTS ChandresenaSC8729Leading Rate1991-05-04SLNS 'Abeetha' at PPD
RPM SahabandoSM5989Leading Rate1991-05-04SLNS 'Abeetha' at PPD
DM JayawardenaSC5867Petty Officer1991-05-04SLNS 'Abeetha' at PPD
RWW RajapakshaLR5009Petty Officer1991-05-04SLNS 'Abeetha' at PPD

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