Tactical Area of Responsibility

Naval Headquarters

The Commander of the Navy (C of N) exercises operational and administrative control of the Sri Lanka Navy from Naval Headquarters, Colombo. He is assisted by the Chief of Staff (C of S), Director Generals and Directors comprising the Board of Management (BOM) and Board of Directors (BOD) of the Sri Lanka Navy. The Navy has seven commands, each under the control of a flag officer commanding designated as Area Authority of the respective command.

Area Commands

For effective command and administrative control, the waters of Sri Lanka and the littoral districts are divided into seven Naval Areas. For the efficient maintenance of all ships, craft and vehicles and to ensure the operational readiness of commands and units each area shall have its own harbour/ base, repair and refitting facilities, signal centres, logistic, civil engineering and medical facilities. Demarcation of the areas has been based on geographical entities and maritime administrative districts.

Seven Area Commands