“Neela Haritha Sangramaya” Project

The Ocean and Coastal resources of the Sri Lanka are currently facing three types of separate but, interactive threats. The first is pollution from both land and sea-based sources, which causes direct damage to specialized ecosystem such as mangroves, coral reefs and sea grasses whilst weakening the ability of marine plant and animals to survive. The second is a direct threat to the biomass and ecological balance of the marine environment through over fishing and unsustainable extraction of resources. The third threat is from the direct physical damage to coastal and marine ecosystem from urban development activities.

Sri Lanka Navy being the ideal organization to address such issues having the unique character, resources and capabilities has decided to undertake a special project with the aim to establish a sustainable environment. Further, Sri Lanka is one the leading nation that has ratified almost forty-one international conventions, agreements, treaties and protocols related to environment. Therefore, it is a national obligation for the country to protect and conserve the environment. In addition, His excellency the President has extended his mandate and commitment to achieve Sustainable Development Goals during last UN summit in which environment is one of the areas to be addressed.

In this backdrop, the need of protecting, conserving and developing blue and green environment is critically important and the navy has started number of activities across the country even contributing the civil community.

To this end, the inception of green and blue concept with the theme of “Neela Haritha Sangramaya” was marked by previous Commander of the Navy, Vice Admiral Piyal De Silva with his own initiatives and the declaration of Naval Dockyard as a Domain of Green and Blue is the pilot project of this visionary concept.